Bank Stock Investment Specialists

For over 25 years, PL Capital has specialized in investments in publicly traded U.S. banks/thrifts which are undervalued and in need of a catalyst to improve performance and enhance shareholder value. We focus on publicly traded U.S. banks and thrifts with market capitalizations ranging from approximately $50 million to $3 billion.

Proven Leadership Team

The principals of PL Capital, Rich Lashley and John Palmer, each have over 35 years experience in the banking industry including 25 managing PL Capital. The PL Capital team has direct experience working with banks and other financial institutions in advisory roles including: corporate board membership, public accounting, merger & acquisition advisory, capital raising advisory, and equity trading.

Shareholder Activists

PL Capital utilizes shareholder activism (e.g. board representation, proxy contests, shareholder proposals, etc.) where needed to seek improvement in the performance, capital structure and corporate governance of the banks/thrifts in which it invests. PL Capital will advocate for changes in the operating and/or strategic plans of a bank/thrift in order improve profitability and maximize shareholder value.

Long Term Capital Appreciation

PL Capital Investment Partnerships strive for long term capital appreciation and are generally tax efficient (long term capital gains). Investment holding periods generally range in length from 3 – 5 years.